Letter of recommendation from Pastor Bobby Spencer-

We had 2nd Generation at our church LR West A/G on a Sunday morning recently and had a wonderful service. This group blessed our congregation. They are not only gifted singers but also are anointed ministers of the Gospel. We will definitely have them back soon. I recommend them highly to your church.

Pastor Bobby Spencer
Little Rock West A/G


Letter of recommendation from Pastor Gary Walton-

I have had the opportunity to be blessed by 2nd Generation's ministry for a number of years. The overwhelming impact of their ministry is they are not strictly performers but people who care and minister the love and grace of Jesus Christ to your church.
The quality of their stage presence is above all but just as important, among the people, they are as real and as humble as any. Their music resonates with life and encourages all to live out the Christian faith in Biblical obedience.

I recommend 2nd Generation ministry with no reservations.

Pastor Gary Walton
Heritage Baptist Church, Bolivar, Mo.


Letter of recommendation from Pastor Russ Witkowski-

We recently hosted a community concert featuring 2nd Generation ministries. The one word that was in my mind while enjoying the concert was "excellence." Among the many gospel music groups I've experienced through the years, it was clear to me that 2nd Generation works diligently to excel in their gifts. The moment their opening song began to p...lay, it was obvious to the entire audience the bar had been raised in terms of the quality of their sound and professionalism.

But there was another quality presented to the audience that came from their church upbringing.... They ministered to the people. We heard the gospel, listened to their life stories and could easily relate in a personal way to the message of God's love, the promise of eternity, and the call for serving Jesus. Furthermore, they fully respected the role of the Lead Pastor!

I would heartily recommend the ministry of 2nd Generation to anyone seeking a ministry that will bless, encourage and strengthen the church.

In His Service,

Russ Witkowski

Lead Pastor,
Abingdon First Assembly of God, Abingdon IL


Hello 2nd Generation, I am so glad that I found you guys on Youtube .. I listen to you guys sing all the time and I have to say that yall are awesome!! Hoping you guys make it to Florida soon.. Keep up the good work ...


Hi, my name is Joe Hamp Sr. from Morrisville Assembly of GOD.
You all blessed us very much with your songs and it was such a joy
to get to worship the king of kings with 2nd Generation!!!!
All I can say is WOW and Praise the Lord for your ministery.
May GOD bless you all. Joe and Patty Hamp


This group is amazing!!! They are anointed with the holy ghost and they love the lord with all their heart. I love the way they share their love for christ with everyone they come in contact with.

Deorah Lail


We had the privilege of promoting 2nd Generation in the Searcy, AR area in November 2011 and it was amazing! They are so genuine and friendly! The spirit moved and the crowd loved them! We already have them booked in 2012! We highly recommend 2nd Generation!!

Robert & Lisa Rowland
Rowland Promotions
Judsonia, AR


Hi Gang!!!!

Just had to email and thank you so much for coming to our church!
We have had singing groups come in the past…and while most of them are wonderful entertainment…most of the time
we don’t feel the spirit from them. We DEFINITELY felt the spirit from you all…and it was the RIGHT one!!!!

I loved what you said about Joy! Bro. Green has preached in the past about the fruits of the spirit…Joy being one of them.
For a fruit to grow, it has to have a ROOT. The root of Joy is Thankfulness. You can NOT be Thankful without feeling Joy…
and you can NOT feel Joy without being Thankful!

Sometimes it’s so easy to get bogged down in the swamp of life…
thanks for coming by and lifting us up!!!

Pastor Green got such a great blessing it was such a great refreshing for ALL of us!

Love and Prayers for Your Ministry of Music….
Bro. Heath and Sis. Kari Thompson and Family


WOW, WOW, WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I ever have a time enjoying your anointed singing at Harmony Baptist Church… You just didn’t’ sing enough songs.. Ha!!!!!! I’m very jealous that I’m not on that cruise ship with all of you.. You all Blessed My Heart… I had Jesus bumps all over me. I pray that God will continue to use you all in a mighty way for “His Glory” and that many souls will be saved through your ministry….. Can’t wait to see and hear you all again very soon.

Stay safe and Many Blessings from God to all of you.
Linda Depart < Darlene’s friend>
Mobile, AL


 want to thank you first for coming to New Life In Christ Church, Foley, Al.

Your Christian Hearts and Faith were a real blessing to us there. When you said you didn’t come to sing but to minister….you were right on the ministering as we could feel the presence of the Lord throughout the entire time. But, don’t cut yourselves short, the singing and praise in your songs and voices were anointed by God for sure.

We have a lot of singers, performers and others throughout the year and I have to say I truly believe that you were the best group since I have been a member there.

I pray that you all had a restful trip on your vacation and we look forward to having you back again soon.

In HIS Service,
Henry Davenport , President
In GOD We Trust


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend the trio 2nd Generation for ministry in your church or concert hall. They are truly refreshing and anointed in their music.

It has been our privilege to have many varied musical groups at Grace Pointe Assembly of God during our almost decade of pasturing in Carthage. Never have we had the positive spiritual results that we had when 2nd Generation came to minister. We had seven people to respond for salvation and recommitment. All of our people were blessed and inspired by both the excellent music and anointed exhortations between the songs. Their song selection was wonderful and truly directed by the Spirit of God. There were times of celebration and times of brokenness.

Please understand that we have booked nationally known groups with great talent. More often than not when such groups come we are blessed and edified by their performance, but we leave without any significant spiritual challenge. That is not the case with 2nd Generation! Their harmony and skills are as great as anyone of the ministries around, but their greatest distinction is the presence of God that filled the sanctuary as they ministered. Lives were changed by having an encounter with God. Remember that great old song by the Hinson’s years ago, “I came to see a soul saved, aren’t that what it’s all about?” That is why I wholeheartedly recommend this group to you.

Yours for His glory,
Pastor Larry Graham
Grace Pointe Assembly of God – Carthage, MO


Hey there guys. I am on your website, but am not sure where to put comments, I am a little so you know, I am a PK. Anyway, it was a great blessing having you all and you are very welcome at Mexico First AGO anytime. You are kind of like family, and we greatly enjoy your ministry. Be SAFE, and keep on singing for Christ.
Love in Christ,
Kathy the Precious Kid from Mexico AGO.


My Cod’s were in the mail last night. Thank you, I did not expect 2 Cod’s I will share this blessing with someone else. I first heard your song Feel the Joy on DIRECTV sires chi 828 (xm34) a few days before I ordered it. I had never heard your group before this, this song was just what I needed. My family has been going through many trials and heartaches over the last couple of years. It started Nov 2007 when my brother-in-law fell on the job- 13 days later he went home to be with the Lord. He left behind a wife three children (25, 17, 18mths) and they had just learned she was expecting another child. As you can imagine it has been a difficult road, but THANK THE LORD-we have come through by his strength. I have been listening to the cod this morning. May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry. My family is also in the ministry. There are Preachers, Music Ministers, & Groups singing for The Lord. I am truly Blessed. Again thank you.


Dear Brenda, Elaine & Jimmy,

I thought I would take the time to tell you what an impact you have made in my life. It seemed that I had gotten in some kind of rut that I just could not get myself out of and life just seemed to be passing me by with no purpose. One day I opened your “I See A City” CD and popped it in to give it a listen. And now….as Paul Harvey would say is “The Rest of the Story”.

Each day on my drive to work and on my drive home from work I would play your CD. Each time I would hear things that I missed each time before. Before long I knew the words to all of the songs. Then I found myself singing them all the time. Just last week while driving home I was listening to “I Feel the Joy”. Every time I listen to it I seem to get chills when you sing that the “Joy of the Holy Ghost is all over Me”. But this time I was singing and I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I could not explain it any other way than I knew at that moment God was with me. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced. I started telling all my friends about “2nd Generation”. I kept telling them that I was finding something in my life that I had left behind and that your music was bringing me back. And I was finding out that more and more of my friends were Christians that I had no idea about their beliefs. Not just friends here, but in Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Washington, Texas, Florida & Oklahoma. Something was coming back in my life and it was a good feeling. I had felt that God might not be able to forgive me for some of the things I have done in the past. But each person I spoke with told me that I was wrong. I know this won’t happen overnight, but I do know that HE is there and that my life is changing and for the better.

Next week I will interview for a position I didn’t even know was going to be offered to me. It will increase my salary tremendously. And it is a position in which I can really excel and show my talents.

Recently I auditioned with a band, because I had given up on ever playing again at my age. The audition went great and I have been asked to come back for a 2nd audition. I think I will be given the opportunity to play with some really gifted musicians. And it’s all because of you three and your music reaching out to me. As one of your songs says “I have been loosed” and it never would have happened if I had not taken the time to listen to your music and your ministry.

All I can say is Thank You all. Keep up the fantastic work that you do.

One of your biggest fans,



Dear Elaine, Brenda, and Jimmy, Thanks so much for coming to Ocelot last night. I just think you are a terrific, talented group. As I spoke with Jimmy I realized he had a background somewhat like mine as it pertains to the ministry. I am also A/G, ordained, with training in Bible and Music. I have pretty much done it all, too. I really enjoyed a few minutes of talking with you, guy. That was fun. I’m still laughing at, “Hey, uh, get your own dirt!” That’s hilarious. And Ladies, I asked Jimmy, “Being Pike’s like they are, can them girls preach?” He said, “Yeah, huh, they sure can.” That I would like to hear. Wow, beautiful and able to preach and sing, too. There are lovely women that are on fire for God. Yeah! What a combination. I am a voice specialist, singing coach, pedagogies and all that. I really listen to groups and soloists with a trained ear. About 2/3 of the way through the program, I heard your “best sound”. Want to know what I think? When you all moved in really close and sang softly and blended, it was amazing. A rich and powerful sound suddenly went “angelic”. Wow! Please sing more like that. God Bless you all, do come again, McKay?

–Rev. Dennis


It was wonderful!!!! People were still talking about it last night and everybody agrees that you must come back. All agreed, it was exactly what we needed! Better than any antibiotic. Will be looking forward to seeing and hearing you again. Have a great day in Jesus!



Brenda, Elaine & Jimmy, I know by now you are probably tired of hearing me say how terrific I think you three are, but just have to say it again (LAST NIGHT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!) OK, there I’ve said it and I mean it with all my heart & sole. I love the new material as well as the old. Brenda, both you and Elaine had me in tears last night as you spoke. Jimmy, your vocals are without a doubt are as good as Kenny Rogers has ever been and I think his vocals are great. But the emotion, the passion and the energy that the three of you together is unsurpassed. Can’t wait until the next CD comes out. Jimmy, remember that DYNAMITE comes in small packages and you are standing between two of the most explosive talents I have ever had the privilege of knowing!!! Jimmy, great meeting you last night and I hope that our connection will be a lasting one.



I’ve heard it say there are angels among us and I’m sure of it now.

I want to thank you for your inspirational music. We listen to it on the way to and from the hospital every day. I’m sure God new I would need it in the months to come. You know my daughter Elaine King. I know she has told you about her daddy. We are so sorry we didn’t get to come see you in Bolivar Gary was looking forward to it. But as you know he ended up in the hospital again, and the news we got wasn’t good. Gary listened to your tapes in the hospital and I listen to them going and coming. He is suppose to come home today. I’m sure that when Elaine and I saw the man wearing your T-shirt that God had a hand in leading us to you and your wonderful music. It’s given us such joy to sing along with it, knowing what ever happens he will be there with us.

So Angels keep on singing I know God sent you here to do just that.



Brenda, I have something to confess to you. I had not listened to your 2nd CD until last week and I think I am about to wear it out!!! I can’t believe how much Jimmy sounds like Kenny Rogers. You & Elaine are just awesome, but the 3 of you are absolutely, positively…..DYNAMITE!!!! It is the best of country, country rock, young country and R&B that I have heard in a long time. I listen to it all the way to Leavenworth and all the way home every day. I can’t pick a favorite. But if I had to choose it would be “Where I’m Standing Is A Holy Place”, but “Dust on the Alter” totally grabbed my heartstrings and had me in tears as I truly listened to the words.

Brenda, you are totally blessed to be covered with the spirit of the holy ghost and if I keep listening to your music I may just find myself yet. I got up this morning and was singing in the shower and all of a sudden I realized I was singing “Singing & Rejoicing on my Way.” Go figure. I called one of my friends who was born again a couple of years ago and had her listen over my Bluetooth as I was driving. She said OMG I have got to have a copy of that CD and I told her you have another one too. I think she wants to get 2 of each. I told her that I thought you sell them at your concerts along with the T-shirts. She asked me to check with you to see if she can get them.

Again, you, Elaine & Jimmy are just the absolute perfect blend and the musicians you used are unbelievable. Thank you again for opening my eyes to some of the best Gospel music I have ever listened to.


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