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"Don't Faint In The Fight"

Back in Oct when 2nd G lost our 3rd member (again) I have to admit we got a little discouraged. Not knowing what to do or what was going to happen I backed off from booking 2nd G for awhile. When you are in ministry full time and you are about ministry the enemy will fight so hard to stop you from doing what you are doing. During this time I listened to a message by TD Jakes about "Dont Faint In The Fight". I knew that we were once again in battle and we had to remain FAITHFUL to the call that God placed upon us.
In Sept Elaine & I had a word spoken over us that we were going to go through a transition and that through this transition God would take us to a new level. The man of God that spoke that over us did not know us at all and he did not know what we do. We did not know on that night that we would lose our 3rd member in Oct. But GOD KNEW. I am so thankful that he already knows what we are going to face tomorrow and he is already working everything for our good.
With that said, I stated booking 2nd G this past week and it has been AMAZING. Today (on a Sunday) alone we have had 7 bookings and counting. Our new CD is titled FAITHFUL and I know that he is on our side. We are proud for the stand that we take with this ministry and we are so excited about what is ahead. I talk about the FAVOR of GOD all the time and I tell you it is real ppl. Believe it for yourself and see what he will do for you. if you are in a ministry and you are in a battle, "Do Not Faint In The Fight". Keep going!!!
We love you all and can't wait to meet many of you this yr. Continue to pray for us. We are waiting on god to direct us as far as hiring someone to minister with us, but for now we will continue as a duet. If you are interested in booking 2nd Generation for your concert, church, Homecoming, Campmeeting, etc please contact us @ 913.710.5227 or

Brenda & Elaine
2nd G

“New Level”

On September 19, 2012, Brenda and I went to campmeeting at Harvest Assembly of God church in Oak Grove, Arkansas. The campmeeting had been tremendous that week. The speaker that night was Luke Holter. An evangelist who had the gift of prophesy. As the service was drawing to a close Luke looked at me and asked me to come forward. He started out by saying I was God’s song bird. I would sing a new song. Then he started talking about there was a transition coming along with a new level. He said he kept seeing “we” and asked, “is there a “we” and is “we” with you. I told him yes, and pointed to Brenda, my sister. He called her up along side of me. He never asked what we did. He proceeded to speak a word over us. The word he gave us that night was amazing and overwhelming, to say the least. But, we know God and believed the words spoken. You may not believe in this type of ministry or think he knew who we were and what we did. 2nd Generation had never met Luke Holter in our lifetime. When we left we didn’t understand the transition he was talking about that we would go through, but, now we do. On October 26, Josh Adams chose to resign from 2nd Generation. There’s the transition. As many of you know, we have been down this road before. Many groups can testify that at times the road gets long, and many times frustrating. But God has called us into this and He will see us through. Those words that night on September 19th were words from God we fully believe. He knew where we were, and He knew what was ahead for us. The words spoken by Luke Holter confirmed that.

2nd Generation was birthed in our heart’s and (Brenda and I) soul’s in March 2005. We knew beyond all doubts, all frustrations that He had called us onto this path, and in times of discouragement He would not leave us nor fail. In the beginning of this ministry we promised God that we would do our best, and with His direction, to live our lives in a way that would never bring reproach upon Him or the ministry of 2nd Generation. We feel that as minister’s of the gospel through song we are responsible for the witness we have among men. We have placed a high standard for our ministry. Brenda and I live by that standard and anyone who is a part of 2nd Generation now or in the future is expected to abide by those same standards. The word tells us to “study to show ourselves approved”. That is what we are trying to do. We desire to for our lives to be approved by God, not man. We are standing and believing in the words Luke Holter spoke that night. He also prophesied that we would go to a new level. To not worry about the dates, the calls would come, and they are. That God would be our “PR”. We are excited about the future and the new level that God is taking us to. We will continue with our schedule and are scheduling for 2013. We will be singing as a duet for the present time and as the song says….let it BE (Brenda and Elaine). Thank you for your prayers. Brenda and I are looking forward to great and mighty things from God. Life is great because God is good!!

Brenda & Elaine
2nd Generation Ministries

Extravagant Faith: An Open Letter From 2nd Generation 

 Hello Friends - We started this journey almost 6 years ago, and we are now FULL TIME Ministry. We go to churches basically on love offering basis, because we feel that is what God has instructed us to do and we want to minister in every church where God opens a door BIG or Small....

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2nd Generation Nominated for Fan Favorite Artist of the Year 

OAK GROVE, Ark. – (February 10, 2011) – Diamond Award winning trio 2nd Generation recently landed their second career nomination in the Absolutely Gospel (SGN) Music Awards. The popular trio landed a nomination in the category of Fan Favorite Artist of the Year – the sole category in the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards where the nominees are decided on by the fans.

“We are humbled and honored that our friends would get out there and nominate us for such a huge award,” mentioned 2nd Generation’s Elaine…Read more

2nd Generation Announces Addition of Josh Adams 

OAK GROVE, Ark. – (February 7, 2012) –Diamond Award winning trio 2nd Generation is excited to announced the addition of Josh Adams to the group.

Josh started studying music at a very early age and began leading worship as young as 12 years old. He has had the pleasure of performing in such places Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri and Carnegie Hall in New York. Josh is currently on staff as the Band Director for the Jim Bakker Show in Branson, Missouri.

Josh said, “God has blessed me so much, and I’m…Read more

2nd Generation Hits AbsolutelyGospel.Com Top 40  

OAK GROVE, Ark. – Diamond Award Winning Trio 2nd Generation Recently Learned That Their Latest Single Debuted On The AbsolutelyGospel.Com (Formerly SoGospelNews.Com) Top 40 Weekly Chart Last Week.

The Song, “I’ll Not Fear The Crossing,” Debuted At #35 Last Week. This Week, The Song Rose Three Positions To Take #32 On The Southern Gospel’s Most Watched Weekly Radio Report.

Brenda Denney Of 2nd Generation Said, “This Is Such Exciting News For Us! This Song Is A Very Personal And Meaningful Song To Us, And…Read more

2nd Generation’s “I’ll Not Fear The Crossing” Impacts Radio This Week! 

OAK GROVE, Ark. – Diamond Award nominated trio 2nd Generation continues to make their impact at Southern Gospel radio. This week, the group’s new single, “I’ll Not Fear the Crossing,” will hit program director’s desks.

“We are so excited about releasing ‘I’ll Not Fear the Crossing’ to Southern Gospel radio,” mentioned Elaine Parks of 2nd Generation. “This song always goes over very well in live settings, and we believe that radio will love this song!”

“I’ll Not Fear the Crossing” is the fourth single from…Read more

2nd Generation Lands 2010 Diamond Award Nomination 

OAK GROVE, Ark. – Popular Southern Gospel trio 2nd Generation was greeted with news that they have received their first Diamond Award nomination. The nominees were announced last week in the May 2010 issue of SGN Scoops Digital, and 2nd Generation was nominated for the Sunrise Award.

The Sunrise Award honors up and coming artists in the Gospel music community. Joining 2nd Generation in the category are other popular artists like Firm Foundation Quartet, Gigi & Randy Burgess, the Ladd Family, and Praise…Read more
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